Below, we mention the most important computer signs according to the 8-dot Arabic computer braille table. For all symbols and signs, please refer to the original reference in the Arabic computer braille table.

We will notice that many of the signs in computer braille are close to 6-dot braille in their dot form. The sign is often shaped in computer braille by adding the seventh or eighth dot to the sign root in the 6-dot braille.

###The number or the pound/ hashtag sign “#”

Dots 3456

Note: These are the same number sign dots in 6-dot braille. As for computer braille, there is no number sign, so when you enter these dots, what will be written is the computer number sign and not the number sign of braille. They are often used on social media for hashtags, programming environments, passwords, math, and more.


Qh5 #   .15


# قطرQatar


###The “At” sign “@”

Dots 47

It is often used as a sign in mathematics for accounting and billing, but it recently entered the computer world as a primary sign in email addresses and usernames on websites and more. Since the Arabic computer braille table enables its users to enter English letters without the need to change the writing language, it is possible to use the “At” (@) sign in all computer editing fields without any problem, as was explained in the second lesson of this series.



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You should consider adding the seventh and eighth dots to the lowercase letters while writing them so that they appear as desired, i.e., in order for the previous sentence to be displayed as it is above, it should be written as follows:


###Percent sign “%”

Dots 1468

It is used to indicate a percentage, or a number or a percentage as a fraction of 100. Usually no space is left between the number and the percent sign, but braille will follow the printed font whether there is a space or not.


حصلت على نتيجة 90% (I got a score of 90%)


### The ampersand “&”

Dots 123467

It is used to connect two things together, and usually replace the conjunction “و” (and) in informal writings, and is used in some entity/ company names, in addition to its uses in the fields of mathematics, programming, and the internet.


AT&T ) شركة AT&T Corporation(


###Other miscellaneous signs

Asterisk “*”

Dots 358

Dash “-”

Dots 36

Forward slash “/”

Dots 348

Backslash “\”

Dots 347