Equals sign “=”


Dots 2356-56


The equals sign is one of the comparison signs, which is in braille like other mathematical signs, consisting of two cells, a prefix, and a root. The prefix is the dots 56 and the root is the dots 2356.

Space should be left before and after the equals sign and other comparison signs. However, if the text written in the regular font it does not have space before and after the sign, there will be no space when converting to braille. Whether there is a space after the equals sign or not, the number sign must be placed before the number that follows the equals sign, since the equal sign ends the number mode.

####Example 1

4+5 = 9


####Example 2

6+3−2 = 7


The equals sign also can be used in the middle of normal text content. Braille follows the same spaces before or after the sign as in the normal font.

####Example 3

60 seconds = 1 minute.