The division sign “÷”


Dots 256-56


The division sign in braille consists of two cells, the dots 56 in the first cell and the dots 256 in the second cell. You’ll see the display as soon as the division sign appears in the normal font, and it will appear in the normal font on your computer as soon as you enter its dots from the display.

Like other mathematical signs, the division sign is written without leaving a space before or after it, as it terminates the number mode so that you must type the number sign before the number that follows the division sign.

####Example 1



####Example 2

12÷4 = 3


####Example 3

كم ناتج قسمة 28÷4؟ (What is the result of 28÷4?)


Note: Sometimes the slash sign “/” is used in regular writing instead of the division sign, and if the computer text contains the slash sign, then what will be displayed is the slash sign itself and its dots 456-36.

####Example 4