About the Portal

The aim of the Unified Arabic Braille Portal from Mada, Qatar, is to develop the Arabic Braille table used by assistive technology programs to input and showcase the braille method. As well as to develop the first 8-dot Arabic Braille computer table to support braille abbreviations in the fields of mathematics and science. Braille is the only way that enables blind or deaf-blind people who have difficulty accessing printed materials to read and write using assistive technology.

The project will benefit the blind, deaf-blind people, experts, teachers, students, software developers, and assistive technology manufacturers in Qatar and beyond.

The Unified Arabic Braille Portal will provide the first Liblouis software library based on the Arabic Braille table to develop braille writing and reading skills for blind and deaf-blind people. Furthermore, create the first specialized Unified Arabic Braille website, which will contain detailed references to simple Arabic Braille, abbreviations, mathematics and science, and 8-dot computer braille, in addition to simplified lessons to learn reading and writing in Arabic Braille.