The Arabic computer braille table can display the 26 uppercase and lowercase English alphabets so that the lowercase letters are represented in their usual form in the 6-dot braille, while the seventh dot appears below each letter if it is uppercase. However, perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the Arabic computer braille table is that you can write in both Arabic and English without having to switch between Arabic and English tables every time you need to enter the other language. This may be useful when writing a website address or writing an e-mail, for example, when writing the e-mail address, you will not have to choose the English language table to write the address and then return to choose the Arabic language table to write the subject of the email. This will also be useful when writing an Arabic text that includes one or some English words.

###Entering English letters? ####capital letters

Just as they are displayed, the English uppercase letters are written by adding the seventh dot to the dots of the letter to be written. In other words, the seventh dot is an indication that the English letter is an uppercase letter when displaying or entering.




Note here how the seventh dot was added to all the letters in the word to indicate that they are all uppercase letters.

####Lowercase letters

Lowercase English letters are written by adding the seventh and eighth dots to the dots of the letter to be written. For example, when writing the letter “b”, which consists of the two dots 12, you will have to add the seventh and eighth dots to be written in the dots 1278, to avoid a conflict with the introduction of the Arabic letter “baa” (ب).

Note, however, that when the letter “b” is displayed on the braille screen, the letter will be shown as it is known without the seventh and eighth dots. In this case, you will need to rely on context or a screen reader to determine if the letter is the letter “b” is English or the Arabic “baa”.


A friend in need is a friend indeed


English letters can also be entered between Arabic words.


Apple devices have a screen reader called Voiceover


Note, the best way to write lowercase English letters is to place the left-hand pinky on the seventh dot and the right pinky on the eighth dot and then use the other six fingers to write the letter dots as usual. However, you should pay attention to the need to raise all the fingers from the dots when placing the space. It may take some time to get used to this style of writing.

The apostrophe in English is also represented and displayed as usual by the third dot, but when entering it, the dot 7 must be added with the dot 3, in order to avoid a conflict with the Arabic letter “hamza” (ء).