Decimal “.”

Dots 256


The decimal is a sign used to separate the number from the figure that has less value.

The decimal in regular writing resembles the full stop, and braille also uses the braille full stop that contains the dots 256 to represent the decimal.

There is no space between the decimal sign and the number associated with it. The decimal also resumes the number mode, so the number that follows the decimal is written without the number sign.

If there is no number to the left of the decimal point, the number sign must be typed just before the decimal point. In other words, we write the number sign, then the decimal point, and then the number to the right of the decimal without the number sign.

When using decimal numbers with calculation or comparison signs, follow the distance preferences used with those signs.

Remember that the number sign must be written before the number that follows the distance or any of the numerals.

####Example 1



####Example 2



####Example 3

.22, .44, .88


####Example 4

1.50 < .75+.80


Example 5