Open Parenthesis “(” (Arabic)

Dots 236

Close Parenthesis “(” (Arabic)

Dots 356


A mathematical expression can be placed between parenthesis to indicate that it should be taken into account or calculated first. The parenthesis in mathematics is also used to put elements or numbers within one group or to illustrate that the numbers between parenthesis are connected in some way.

There is a sign to open the parenthesis and another to close it. The open parenthesis sign in braille consists of a single cell with the dots 236. While the close parenthesis sign consists of a cell with the dot 356.

When writing the parentheses, follow the normal font. There is usually no space between the parentheses and the elements associated with them.

Parentheses terminate the number mode, so the number sign must be placed before the number following the open or close parenthesis.

####Example 1



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####Example 4

(3, 5, 7)